Having a good Search Engine Optimisation strategy will ultimately enhance the prominence of your website and help increase traffic to it.

SEO is usually the first thing to be shelved as there are no immediate results like there are with Pay Per Click. However, the long-term benefits of a good search engine optimisation strategy will help your website rank higher organically. Google is constantly changing its algorithm so it is important that your website is optimised using the latest trends and rules.


There are many areas we look at whilst managing Search Engine Optimisation for our clients ranging from, onsite SEO, such as checking meta information, page titles and H and Alt Tags usage, through to site crawl errors, broken links, duplicate content and of course building good quality backlinks to the site.


Our fully managed Search Engine Optimisation service will provide your beautiful website with even more Google 'brownie points' that will bolster your organic ranking and drive better quality visitors to your website.


What WE Do.

We make it easier for your customers to find you online.


We will carry out tests on your website to understand all the areas that we need to focus on and then create a tailored SEO plan for you. We also ascertain who your main competition is and what keywords you want to rank higher for.


Once the initial site analysis has been done we will address the ‘easy’ fixes to give your site a better foundation to work from. After this initial piece of work we will build your backlinks and add further content to support the keywords you wish to rank higher for.


We carefully monitor the performance of your website and measure the effects the changes we have made. Once we have gathered the information together we will meet with you to discuss what the statistics tell and then formulate a plan to improve things further.