Fireleaf can manage your PPC campaigns for you.

Using the latest software, we’ll research the best keywords for your business and its competition before creating a series of engaging adverts that will generate action. We manage each campaign closely to ensure you get the best returns from your investment. Pay per click, AdWords or Paid search are just a few terms used to describe a great way to drive targeted traffic to your website. By creating specific adverts that are highly targeted to your audience in the location you like to work in, you will soon start to see a flow of good quality traffic to specific pages of your website. Once your Google AdWords campaigns have been set up correctly we will use Google Analytics and Google AdWords to monitor, optimise and manage the campaigns regularly for you.


Using the latest software we will research what keywords you will need, look at what your competitors are doing and get a deeper understanding of your demographic. We will then advise on any content management your website may need, as well as recommending your daily ‘click’ budget.


We construct the PPC campaign from the ground up. Using the information gathered in the research phase we will design and build specific campaigns, ad groups adverts that will be targeted via carefully selected keywords and phrases to the most profitable areas of your business.


Great PPC campaigns are all about constant improvement & refinement. We are constantly monitoring our PPC campaigns, seeking ways through which we can further enhance performance. Using GA & other software we will make informed changes to ensure you receive the best ROI from your daily budget.

How WE innovate