Don't be a stagnant pond, be a flowing river!

Have a clear understanding how many people are visiting your website, where the came from and what they do when they land on one of your website pages is crucial information that will help drive positive performance and informed change.


We can use Google Analytics at every stage of the customer journey to learn about the origins of your visitors, their behaviour whilst on the site, through to which pages are engaging them the most. Using Google Analytics closely we can recommend suggestions based on the evidence GA provides, that will help us improve the customer experience of your site and bolster conversions.


What WE Do.

A simple process with easily understood results.


By closely monitoring Google Analytics we can measure the flow of traffic, compare performance with previous time periods and see what marketing activities are driving traffic to your website.


Once we have visibility of the traffic your website is getting we can then start to build a picture of how your site is performing and make informed suggestions where improvements can be made.


Having gathered the information and monitored your website's performance we will make strategic changes to further optimise the conversion of your website. We then test and measure each of the changes made.